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Incorporate Sketch-based Design Approvals:Easily incorporate design approvals into your drawings and layouts. Draw or import design approvals by sketching simple lines, arrows, or rectangles directly into a drawing, and they’ll appear as normal annotation text. (video: 2:40 min.)Smart Guides for Optimized Design:Quickly and easily create accurate, production-ready drawings and schedules. Smart guides and optimized design features, like 2D viewports, snap to dimension, and programmable AutoCAD templates, provide the tools you need to start, place, and connect features automatically. (video: 2:19 min.)Digitizing:Improve your workflow and increase productivity by taking advantage of the new digitizing features, including drag-and-drop scanning, multiple scan types, and fully customizable templates. (video: 2:30 min.)Grids:Create, view, and edit reference grids in your drawings and schedules. Use them as guides for your drafting, cross-cutting, and layout activities.Output and Networking:Automatically export to PDF, PNG, JPG, or BMP for viewing or distribution. Merge multiple drawings together into a single file for emailing or printing. Print the paper size of the current viewport to any size, using your own settings and local settings.Linked Instances:Make master/detail workflows for your designs, linking instances and dependencies.Mock-ups:Create 2D views or diagrams and incorporate them into your design. With smart guides, objects automatically align and the background grid automatically snaps to dimension lines.Edit & View History:Automatically track changes to your drawings and schedules. View a history of all your design revisions and choose the changes that matter most for printing.Organizer:Get started with your projects faster. Quickly design, create, and edit smart annotations that automatically link to drawings, schedules, or other locations. And with a redesigned display and new icons, you’ll be able to easily find what you’re looking for.Scheduling:Create and manage schedules for your projects and teams, and quickly generate an electronic version of your drawings with embedded annotations.Smart Layout:Easily organize drawings for printing and presentation. Use smart guides, 2be273e24d

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